Thursday, January 23, 2020

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The story begins in the year 1984 in the nation of Oceania. Winston Smith is a low ranking Outer Party member working for a government system called the Party. The Party and it’s omniscient leader known as Big Brother, control everything including language, history, and it’s citizens. Everywhere Winston goes, he is being monitored by the Party through telescreens and by the Thought Police. The most recent implementation of the Party’s control over the nation has been the creation of Newspeak, an attempt to prevent political rebellion by eliminating all words that relate to it. Rebellion is the ultimate crime a citizen can commit, and even thoughts about rebellion are illegal. While working in the Ministry of Truth, a branch of the Party that controls and alters history, Winston begins to question the validity of the Party and it’s doctrines. He wishes for privacy and freedom but cannot express these feelings without fear of the Thought Police, who patrol thoughts and punish people who think poorly of the Party or it’s leader. In order to escape the Party’s tyranny, at least in his...

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